The Past is Still With Us

Issue #5 of rain’zine is out!

This issue of  RAIN (Radical Art in Nature), the ever fabulous all ages ‘zine, has a focus on  decolonization, unschooling, and creating counterinstitutions. And it features cover art by the amazing Julie Flett!

I have a short piece in this issue called “The Past is Still With Us” which is, in part, a tribute to Frantz Fanon. (2011 marked the 50th anniversary of his world famous book, The Wretched of the Earth). Fanon did a great job at describing how colonization gets under our skin and how oppression really isn’t so healthy for either the oppressor or oppressed (go figure…).

But this issue isn’t all seriousness! It also includes a music CD, a recipe, a knitting pattern (via the lovely Sylvia Bo Bilvia), and an anacrostic. Something for everyone, really.

Click here to see where you can buy RAIN and stay tuned for more info about a launch party.