Fertile Ground: Exploring Reproduction in Canada


McGill-Queen’s University Press is releasing a new title this spring exploring the political dimensions of reproduction. The book, Fertile Ground: Exploring Reproduction in Canada, grew out of a workshop held in September 2010 by the political science department at Concordia University. Topics covered various areas of reproductive politics, including motherhood, reproductive rights and medical tourism.

According to the preliminary info on the publisher’s website:

“Three major themes are developed in the book: women’s lived experiences, the role of the state in reproductive politics, and discourses around reproduction. Contributors examine unequal access to in vitro fertilization treatments depending upon class, race, age, disability, and health status; critique Health Canada’s adherence to a medical model of breastfeeding; analyze marketing campaigns for birth-control products; and recount the Aamjiwnaang First Nation’s experience of seeking recognition for reproductive health concerns.”

Aleck Ostry and I have a chapter on the role of the state in promoting breastfeeding.

The book is scheduled to be released in June 2014.