Keeping Canada Alive

Keeping Canada Alive is a new six-part series debuting on CBC this October that asks: What if we could see what our health care system does in a single day?

Over a 24-hour period in May 2015, more than 60 cameras descended on health and home care locations in 24 Canadian cities to capture the stories and experiences of patients and health care providers.

There is also a companion online experience which features more than 40 hours of extended breakout footage, original content, as well as an online 24-hour stream of raw footage.

Episode 4 includes a story about a birth in Kamloops and links to online content discussing breastfeeding, home births, the optimal time to cut the umbilical cord and a range of other issues. The work that Aleck Ostry and I did on breastfeeding trends in Canada is featured here. Check out the extended video coverage of A Baby is Born in Kamloops here.

The series premieres on CBC on Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 9 p.m.

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