Trauma-Informed Practice and the Opioid Crisis

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Research continues to show us that many people with substance use concerns, including problems with opioid use, have current or past experiences of trauma and violence.

Trauma-informed practice is a movement or way of working that recognizes the prevalence and impact of trauma on the lives of those accessing health care and social services.

I had the great opportunity to develop this new resource on trauma-informed practice and the opioid crisis with the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and a lovely group of service providers, researchers, and policy makers across BC.

While the main audience for the resource is service providers – primary health care providers, hospital emergency departments, first responders, shelter workers, clinicians in the mental health and substance use fields, outreach workers, peer support workers – it might also be of interest to anyone interested in learning more about different approaches to addressing the opioid crisis, including exploring the links between physical and psychological pain.

You can download the resource from the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health here.

Trauma Effects CEWH