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Creative Writing

Tasnim writes stories about things that make her happy. Her recent projects include a series of little books and an anthology of stories for kids of all ages.

Little Books

These pocket-sized books were designed to be carried inside jackets, tucked into lunch boxes, and shared with friends.

  • The Love Doctor (2017). Love is for everybody and other lessons from the Love Doctor.
  • Blue Feather (2017). A blue feather…what does it mean? What do you choose to see?
  • Lost Birthdays (2016). A story about an unexpected consequence of jet travel through multiple time zones.          
  • A Beard So Red (2009, illustrated by Julie Flett). A story about a man with a beard so red it could light up a room like fire. It’s also about his quest to find the secret of life.

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Love into Water: Stories and Poems for All Ages

Swim with a pod of beluga whales, feast with rebellious vegetables, and sleep with giraffes. These tales are perfect for bedtime, playtime, or anytime.

Love into Water is a collection of stories and poems for kids of all ages. This self-publishing project gathered together stories written over two years and paired them with simple and warm illustrations. Love into Water was released and distributed locally in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. (64 pages, Grounded Thoughts Publishing, 2016, ISBN:  9780995806801)cover_176in-spine_oct-27-2016_page_1


  • Root Vegetable Mash Up
  • Watermelon Pie
  • Love into Water
  • Lost Birthdays
  • Rain Song (Make Your Own)
  • A Prayer for the Clumsy
  • Good Night Song for a Giraffe
  • Earl of Sandwich
  • This Beluga Whale is Not Mine!
  • Song of Gloom and Doom



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